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  • Pick/Pack/Ship - Measure responsiveness while addressing changing priorities across your customer base with our custom solutions which provide comprehensive and transparent “real-time” performance metrics.

  • Kitting - Capable of handling 2 items or 200 items, let RTA create custom kits for internal consumption or external sales utilizing a single piece flow concept.

  • Lean warehouse lay-out and implementation - This allows us to work in conjunction with you to “flow” the operation, compress order process time, consolidate shipments, and gain valuable warehouse space which all contribute to the “bottom line”.

  • Cross docking - Reduce transaction time, improve responsiveness, and cut cost.

  • Replenishment - Hand-held technology and pre-determined “order points” virtually eliminates “stock out” conditions.

  • Cycle counting - Our program is designed to provide you the opportunity to measure the value and accuracy of your investment throughout the year without compromising day-to-day operations.

  • ISO 9001: 2008 certified

  • Performance standards - Customer satisfaction remains our ultimate goal. Jointly developed KPIs to monitor RTA's performance provide true validation of your decision to maximize your profits by employing RTA as part of your business strategy.
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